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  • You're not just a client, but fair partner
  • Thorough solutions, not just a brute force
  • MJCH stands for quality, sustainability, security, performance and economy of our solutions


Auditing, analysis, design, development, deployment, delivery and maintenance of software and ICT solutions.
(SOHO, Enterprise)

Information security

Audit, design and implementation of&nspb;measures eliminating security risks.

Software development

Implementation and delivery of standalone, web and mobile solutions for Linux, Windows, macOS, *NIX, iOS and Android platforms.


Data visualisation enabling interactive visual data analysis. We look forward to help with community projects.


Debian GNU/Linux, CentOS, Windows Server, XEN, Zabbix, OpenWRT, CISCO, Mikrotik, Synology, Huawei, ESET, IBM xSeries

According to ISO 27001-27002, OWASP, Common Sense.

Java, Android, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, DB2, ORACLE, ElasticSearch, Ecma/JavaScript, jQuery, React, AngularJS, HTML5, Python, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS

D3, Google Chart, PaperJS, Google Docs, GraphQL, OpenGL, CanvasJS, jqPlot